Case Study: Sales Leadership for Software Development Tools Vendor

The Company
An emerging, UK-based technology company was looking at developing global, and especially US presence for their software development tools. The company manufactured advanced development tools that addressed the budding, 32bit, client/server market dominated by industry giants, IBM and Microsoft.
The Challenge
The company, a small-unknown player with limited resources, and an undersized sales force, wants to quickly win over some new business from its competitors. Speed to market was essential for snatching a small share of a highly competitive market niche from the leaders. Recruiting and deploying any number of dedicated representatives quickly posed a challenge. Moreover, new sales reps need close, expert management and leadership, but the company was also short of these resources. Not being able to enter this challenge early would mean the short window of opportunity could close very quickly on them. Also, there was a limited amount of market study and projections available for positioning the new product.
The Solution
After in-depth research and analysis of product market potential, we rolled out a "strategy & deployment" program with the company. The engagement was based on existing personnel, and it added professional talent with a set of combined experience in sales, sales management, training, and technical skills to kickoff an outsourced 6-month effort. The result was a rapid deployment program taking advantage of experience, and domain knowledge proved effective in selling product, and building the sales pipeline within 30 days of startup. Further enrichment was brought to the company with training, motivation, and leadership to the existing sales force. • 508.435.0220 • Toll-Free 866.231.0100
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