Case Study: Competitive Intelligence and Positioning for a Major Manufacturer

The Company

A global, US-based manufacturer was in search of a highly effective competitive analysis about its marketplace positioning, as well as that of its competition. The company had slipped in its sales effort from a respectable Fortune 100 rating by nearly 38%. The sales efforts were continually improved and refined, but the product positioning analysis was not reflecting a true picture of what the company's past successes reflected. There was a need to build up the company's intelligence base as soon as possible without being influenced by in-house political agendas.

The Challenge

The company engaged Vortex Advisory Group to look into an overall monitoring of key competitors and market segments, and provide in-depth analysis, as well as a strategy baseline in dealing with the competitors and their associated markets. It was crucial to identify competing products, services/technologies, and most importantly, the positioning of competitors in relationship to the client organization. There was also the requirement to manage multiple projects, prepare in-depth profiles and evaluate the strategic movement of competitors and market segments. The client company realized that the encroachment of competitors onto their customers' turf was taking a financial toll. They also acknowledged that they couldn't uncover a clear picture of an unbiased competitive assessment.

The Solution

Fundamental to the success of this campaign was a strong requirement to blend experience, wisdom, interpersonal skills, and market knowledge. The Vortex solution provided focused and unbiased data collection and analysis using a variety of technology tools and methodologies to support better decision-making by the client company. The outsourcing of a Vortex appointment established a neutral positioning away from the company's hierarchy, thus favoring more conclusive findings. These findings greatly assisted the company to make significant marketing decisions, which would make up for past customer losses. Within 45 days, the customer had sufficient competitive and market positioning knowledge, delivered by Vortex, to make major adjustments to product and business development programs, as well as marketing and sales campaigns. • 508.435.0220 • Toll-Free 866.231.0100
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