Case Study: Market Testing for Enterprise Application Integration Vendor

The Company

The company was a new Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) entry into the B2B early adopter marketplace. It wanted to find a path providing OEM migration solutions to Sales Force Automation (SFA), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors. They also wanted to test end-user acceptance directly. The company planned on building a presence in a narrow-niche market segment for rapid application integration technology.

The Challenge

A "bootstrapped" start up with some new and innovative software in an untested, evolving market segment was looking for acceptance and validation of a narrowly focused solution for migrations, conversions, and integrations. Without a widely defined target base, and very little market data, the company was in search of receptive market segments. Because of the price pointer, the most effective and economical way to meet the challenge was to test sell to various channels in a controlled "shotgun" approach. With little competition in an early stage, and because of limited resources, speed to market was vital. The company did not have a sales force, and was searching for quick hit results with feedback to support a more focused, organized marketing plan

The Solution

Through a dedicated sales concentration on immediate results, we deployed a strategy that supported a quick sales effort. Since the company did not have the necessary personnel to support such an effort, nor did they have the resources to immediately implement a partner channel, we provided the necessary talent for an outsourced sales solution. The engagement covered both an inside and outside sales appointment. Within 2 weeks, there were specific and measurable sales accomplishments, as well as a sharper target focus for continuing business. At the end of 90 days, the company had a good idea of where resources need to be placed for optimum return. These test case scenarios validated the worth and commercial capability of their product offering, and were essential in the development of a more elaborate, and formal business plan. The company today is well funded, profitable and maintains a high profile in its respective product niche. • 508.435.0220 • Toll-Free 866.231.0100
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