Case Study: Executive Leadership for a Bioinformatics Software Developer

The Company

The company, a custom supplier of next generation software development services in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical research industries. They employed a base of experienced biomedical research technical developers, who were Instrumental in delivering various solutions for drug discovery, and biological materials tracking.

The Challenge

The company was quick to deliver a turnkey tracking system to a leading provider of high quality biological materials for drug discovery research and development. They were in search of validation and relevance of their early developmental efforts for the potential of fleshing out a viably commercial product. The product would be instrumental in supporting drug discovery processes. Time savings in drug discovery can have a major effect on a process that can coast as much as $800M, and take up to 15 years. The company believed that it could introduce "next generation technologies" to affect a shorter time to market, thus increasing a major financial savings.

The Solution

The company retained Vortex executive talent to organize and direct a sales effort and search for alignment with major drug producers. With the absence of a sales force, Vortex assumed strategic, as well as tactical positioning in building relationships with potential drug manufacturers. The focus was in creating acceptance for, and determining the viability of software developed for reducing the drug discovery process. Limited resources dictated an emphasis on a quick payback. There is clearly a need in the drug discovery market to find faster, and more efficient ways to lower the associated costs, and shorten the lengthy cycle. Based on the Vortex leadership, and the successful introduction of the client company to targeted drug manufacturers, the company is on its way to implementing a focused marketing plan for the inclusion of next generation technologies. • 508.435.0220 • Toll-Free 866.231.0100
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