Vortex Advisory Group is expert in customizing on-line and e-Learning programs and solutions to mirror your organization's strategy, challenges and goals.

We specialize in providing customized, high quality interactive online training materials, courses, and solutions for delivery via the web or CD.

E-Learning, Learning-On-Demand, On-Line Learning are all cost effective ways in supporting your customer-facing personnel as they work on building the all-important customer relationship.

Whether it's traditional selling methodology during the customer acquisition process, or an advanced discipline to retaining your valuable customer base, we provide you with the toolsets to:

  • Integrate - the Vision - the Strategy - the Issues
  • Optimize - Information Retention
  • Establish - Effective Professional Communication

Our unique 4-Phase approach mitigates risk management:

  • Phase I - Vision and Scope - If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there
    • A shared vision is essential for project success.
  • Phase II - Functional Specifications and Stakeholders - yours & ours - converge and agree to project deliverables
    • Defining e-Learning components to build and deliver mediums to use.
  • Phase III - Development - A detailed blueprint for each eLearning component
    • The deliverables undergo thorough Quality Assurance that includes rigorous usability, functionality, and content testing.
  • Phase IV - Deployment - Stabilization - Training - Rollout
    • The project has transitioned from plan to reality, to mirror your organization's strategy, challenges and goals.
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