CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Since today's information technology, and particularly the World Wide Web, is capable of building better relationships with customers, what are you doing about it?

Vortex can position you to take advantage of:

  • Customer targeting
  • CRM Program evaluation
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Future trends

Understanding your customers' behavior, and interest at the grass roots level, and knowing what to do with it, will deliver an annuity of profits for a long time.

The underpinning of an effective and successful CRM deployment is a well-organized plan. Vortex can lead you in:

  • Building databases of customer activity
  • Analyzing database information
  • How to find your best customer targets
  • Building the all-important customer relationship
  • Measuring the success of the CRM program

Vortex has determined that the net benefit gain from a mere 10% improvement in customer retention outpaces customer acquisition by a value of nearly 10:1. If there is greater profitability from reduced customer "churn", why do so many companies put so many resources into customer acquisition?

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