Attitude and Opinion Surveys

Many companies believe that they know their customers. Unfortunately, they confuse customer loyalty with customer satisfaction. A Satisfied customer doesn't guarantee loyalty.

Vortex believes that the key to keeping customers forever is by building strong customer loyalty. Knowing how to measure customer loyalty is tantamount to a successful survey campaign. Since loyalty keeps customers coming back, their perception of your dedication to them fuels their dedication to you.

Loyalty is not to be confused with customer happiness, or customer satisfaction. Many companies think their survey initiatives are measuring customer loyalty, but do nothing more than present a picture of a presently satisfied customer, who would leave you in an instant. It's all about loyalty!

Taking a pulse on the key factors that drive customer feelings toward your organization reflects a behavior pattern for doing business with you. It's more than a satisfaction measurement of your products and services. Vortex provides the vehicles to assess the value of customer loyalty, and a strategy for increasing that loyalty.

Vortex helps companies to gain and sustain competitive advantage by:

  • Identifying the actions to grow and sustain profitable business
  • Isolating customer attrition problems
  • Uncovering the reasons behind a slowing business growth
  • Pinpoint factors of how your customers truly feel toward your organization, which in turn, drives their preferences and predicts their behavior • 508.435.0220 • Toll-Free 866.231.0100
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