Perfect Presentations and Speeches

You are the message

The ability to create and deliver presentations is the core competency expected of anyone in today's business world. Your ability to communicate ideas, as well as sell your products and services to a group may be your biggest challenge. It is also one of the most essential facets of your profession, especially if you're employed in the profession of sales.

Giving a technical presentation can be even more demanding, especially if the presenter is an engineer, or scientist. Audience members struggle with information overload undefined or unrecognized technical terms, and cute little acronyms. Technical professionals have a reputation for creating presentations that are full of techie jargon, and each slide contains no less than several thousand words of text that attendees' eyeballs glaze over as the first slide is revealed.

Everyone and every business is part of today's information age, and Vortex believes that you should free your audiences from boring, technogibberish and concentrate on communicating ideas with clarity and conviction. This means getting audience members to smile and laugh at your humor, and lean forward in their chairs to listen intently to your captivating presentation. Most importantly; it's getting your audience to buy what you're selling.

The essentials of an effective presentation start with a specific and measurable goal that identifies the primary reason for being in front of the audience, and go on with the elements of:

  • Design & Purpose
  • Content Creation
  • Technology, Movement, Color
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