All About Leadership

There is a difference between managing and leading. One methodology leads to imminent success, the other can lead to failure.

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Vortex Advisory believes that nobody wants to be managed, we want to be led. We have world leaders, not world managers. We have political and religious leaders, not political and religious managers. Turning managers into leaders is the key to success and achievement in the business world.

The bedrock of effective leadership is character, integrity, and trust. You don't learn techniques to become a good leader; you rely on dignity, value, and discipline. Leaders find ways of bringing the team back in good order after a setback or defeat.

The motto of the ancient leaders was, "He who dares wins". The ancient leaders had an inner nature of:

  • Heroic Leadership
  • Risk Taking
  • Physical Courage
  • Moral Strength

Today's leaders, like yesterday's soldiers, must display extraordinary virtue. Leadership is not a popularity contest, because you can't please all of the people all of the time. Vortex believes that a passionate business virtue is the key to successful leadership. • 508.435.0220 • Toll-Free 866.231.0100
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