Our Process

No matter how small or large your organization happens to be, business intelligence (BI) is essential for your survival. You cannot grow and maintain a formidable position without a clear, unbiased picture of the competitive landscape, and strategies to deal with it.

Vortex strategy, and solutions analysis is developed through a variety of research deployments, focused on your needs:

  • Primary and Secondary Data Sources
  • Proprietary and Public Databases
  • Personal Interviews
  • Telephone and Mail Surveys
  • Economic Models

Findings are presented clearly and concisely, with all pertinent visualization, supporting data, and in-depth analysis, resulting in accurate, highly targeted, cost effective deliverables supporting your marketing and development positioning.

Vortex research deliverables look at all touch points that affect your sales and CRM strategies, especially if you are in the technology sector–from the shop floor thru sales and support, and up to the boardroom.

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