Client Comments

Here's what some of Vic's clients have said...

"You certainly proved last week at PC EXPO that you have the guts and determination to face the tough professional presentation obstacles. I want to thank you, Vic for hanging tough - you're a true professional - you carried the product message to the information-hungry trade show attendees."

D. L. Conti, Director, Microcom Software Division

"Your mannerisms and personality put the audience quickly at ease so that the message is delivered effectively."

L. Prager, President, ISCA

"You have an uncanny ability to make your guests feel very comfortable. It's refreshing to see a loud and clear 'can-do' attitude."

B. Gardner, Massachusetts State Representative

"Your 'technology guru' speech was terrific - thanks for giving us all the opportunity to not take ourselves too seriously and have a laugh."

R.J. Thomason, President, New Hampshire High Technology Council

"It was one of the funniest and entertaining times we've ever had at a business meeting."

P. West, President, Tech Distributors, Inc.

"Your enthusiasm was contagious and the group found your message to be very uplifting and motivating. Everyone remarked on how they were able to take something back from the program that helped them improve their sales achievements."

G. Bannon, Director of Sales, Great Western Financial

"The feedback that I received from not only our salespeople, but several of their accounts has reinforced my initial impressions of your program - the participants' sales comprehension skills have already shown a marked improvement."

D. A. Barrett, Lotus Corp.

"It was a great put-on, I didn't even know it was you until the very end. I must admit that all of your technical gobble-de-gook made a lot of sense. After I realized what was going on, I sat back and watched how long it would take before the rest of the audience realized that the real joke was on us."

P. L Hubbard, Intellution

"Just a note to commend you on a job well done on your successful one-half day seminar."

D.A Hughes, Executive Vice President, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

"I was very impresses with your abilities as a seminar leader - it was indeed a case study of the effectiveness of well thought out and prepared material - it was a most valuable experience."

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