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Presentation Topics

Plan to Win

We're forgetting the basics of relationship building!

It's all about bridging the chasm between Technology and Humanology–it's all about the customer experience. If you're relying heavily on technology to carry you through this–you will surely fail!

Having been part of the technology community since the early days of "Wooly Mammoth Computing", which preceded the Neanderthal age, and I've never heard of technology being responsible for building the business relationships–you can take that to the bank!

Today's technology tools are great; I use them extensively. I can't live without them; however there are many who believe that technology can be the panacea for relationship building. If you are in a customer-facing position, which should be just about everybody in the organization, you need to be paranoid about building the customer relationship. If you are not, you will die a slow and painful corporate death!

The 12 Cornerstones of Greatness

Character...Competency...Integrity...the essence of Ethics! Great names in history shared these and other qualities that made them great. If you haven't searched for those Cornerstones of Greatness in yourself, you will never reach the pinnacles of true success, wealth, and well being–you can take that to the bank!

Corporate Ethics

The basis of all relationships is ethics.

Have you taken the "Ethical Pulse" of your organization lately?

How are you treating your customers?

Do you address ethics with the same emotion and intensity as finances, sales, QC?

Ethical behavior, both inside your company and especially with your customer base, is all about doing what is right; it's an extension of values.

Leo "the lip" Durocher, the colorful hall of fame manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, once said, "Nice guys finish last."

Do they?

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